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This will be my last post.

Several of the people who know me may roll their eyes at this post. That’s okay. I’ve never been known for stability and long-staying power when it comes to online things. Email addresses, health websites, even my blog host has changed. My decision to leave the cyber world has nothing to do with WordPress. This blog host has been the best I’ve EVER used and I would recommend it to anyone who blogs. No, It has to do with this:


To those who think I am over-reacting, I can live with that. To those who think I’m going out on a limb, and that it’s harmless, I’m okay with that too. In fact, I find I’m not that worried about what people I know, and may not know, think of my resolutions anymore. What I am worried about is the government. 

If you’re not, think long and hard about this: 90% of Americans either fail to recognize Hitler, or have no idea what he was about or did. And a rising percentage don’t even think he existed at all. 

What happens when another ‘hitler’ shows up, and has this mass of information at his fingertips. Do you think you could survive, let alone stop him?

And if you still think that I’m being dramatic, so be it. Here’s a video link for a speech made in 1976. I think it still applies today, and matters so much more than it did back then. 


Yeah, it’s gonna suck. It’s gonna be inconvenient. But I’m going off grid. I suggest you do too. 


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